Get'IT aims to be the Single Point of Contact for Telecom operators for a "One Stop Shopping" approach in EMEA

The Get'IT member companies have developed expertise and specific know-how for operators, regulators and telecom equipment. The aim is to offer together an efficient and pragmatic approach to the demands of telecom operators

Digitalization is no longer an option, Get'IT team help telecom world specialists to improve their competitiveness and efficiency through specific expertise, available resources, methodology, quality and controlled costs

Get'IT is ready to be a "Unique Point of Contact» toward purchasing and IT teams of telecom operators in the Maghreb, Africa and Europe, and offer value-added services

  • Develop a portal for RFI / RFQ
  • Quality Deliverables
  • Provide local assistance to local and regional operators (through implementations in the Maghreb, Africa and Europe)
  • Provide reliable and responsive services

Expertise Telecom Get'IT covers both fixed and mobile networks; protocols, equipment (embedded services), infrastructure (physical and cloud-based) and related services (Consulting, BI, VAS ...)