Get'IT supports you throughout the process of securing your information system. Relying on a good mastery of technical and organizational aspects of security and trained resources for the complete management of your IT infrastructure.

Managed services

In a globalized and constantly changing environment, the company needs to focus on the heart of business to create and advance

With a position of "IT Outsourcers experts" Get'IT member companies support their customers in this evolution by freeing them from requirements for their fleet management and IT solutions, with a guarantee of quality, availability, cost mastered and proven experience with multi-site and multi-country customers.

The IT outsourcing services offer is based around 3 services to better address the needs of our customers:

  1.  The application outsourcing, this includes outsourcing of computer equipment (procurement, financial management, technical monitoring and after-sales services) and the outsourcing of IT infrastructure (Service Desk, Monitoring, Operations, Administration)
  2. Sale of turnkey infrastructure solutions: 1st Cloud integrator in Tunisia, one of Get'IT member firms is Silver partner of Microsoft and has advanced expertise in AX / Navision solutions. With this expertise, we offer outsourcing contracts of 3 or 5 years for complete management of our clients infrastructure and ERP: implementation of IS and servers, backup, security, supervision, data center control, Cloud ...
  3. Nearshore Outsourcing Centre: Support for the supervision, administration and operation of your systems at studied costs. With numerous references in installing the tool Managed AX: configuration management, user and privacy management

Get'IT Experts ensure the sale of Cisco, EMC, Oracle and VMware products and services

Distributor of equipment and IT services, Get'IT represents a link to its customers for value-added services such as:

  • Proximity, demonstrations and proof of concept service
  • Training sessions, available online
  • Customized service and demand
  • Wide network, deployment on the African continent
Biometric ID Card

One of Get'IT member companies’ developed secure identification systems for government organizations.

These systems are used for:

  • Social Security
  • Health
  • Education: student cards and library access
  • Driver's license
  • Resident Card
  • Employee Card
  • Voting Card

The services developed around these cards include:

  • Biometric registration.

  • Unique identification system for each person with an AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System).

  • Encryption for secure chip for beneficiaries of smart cards.

  • Secure access to data on the chips with HSM type of encryption tools.

  • implementation of key backup systems based on HSM.

Information Security System

Specializing in the areas of security and governance, our member companies offer the following offshore IT services to diagnose, strengthen or repair the flaws in your information systems:

  • Audit (Penetration Testing, Application Auditing, Code Insight, Compliance audit, post audit, Recurring Audit)
  • IT consulting (PSSI, tender Assistance, Project Assistance, Support RSSI, ISMS, Study, Design)
  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and/or Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
  • Integration (Design, deploy security solution ... SIEM, DLP, Data Encryption, VMS, EDR, digital Investigation, SOC)
  • Training and awareness of information security systems (IT Security, Risk Management, Audit information systems, internal audit)
  • Managed Services (Supervision, log management and incident detection, flash Audits, Technology Watch, and Operational Management)
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Governance and IT strategy
Infrastructures Services

Les sociétés membres de Get’IT vous accompagnent aussi dans l’externalisation de vos services d’infrastructures web :

Network Services

Managed Service Operations

Consulting Services :

- Installation and commissioning,

- Network planning and roll-out,

- Audit and Optimization,

- NOC Set up and Management


- Platform Management & development,

- Proactive Monitoring & Maintenance,

- Onsite support


- Customer Life cycle Management,

- Technical support,

- Man Power increase,

- Proactive CSR Process,

- Training and Knowledge transfer

Mobiles networks:

  • Localisation, négociation, acquisition des sites et procédures administratives
  • Ingénierie, étude, APD et design des sites (Calcul Charge, Sol, Structure métallique)
  • Fourniture totale ou partielle de pylônes et de Shelters et de leurs composantes
  • Travaux de Fondation et montage de Pylônes
  • Travaux de câblage électrique, mise à la terre et paratonnerre
  • Installation des BSC, BTS et leurs MEP
  • Installation BSS, mise en service et intégration MSC
  • Supervision des travaux, Recettes et Contrôle Qualité

Fixes, Data & VoIP networks:/em>

  • Installation des équipements d’accès
  • Installation des SoftSwitch
  • F&P des solutions VoIP et SIP Phones
  • Distribution et déploiement des CPE
  • Qualification des supports de transmission
  • Câblage des abonnés (Last Mile)
  • F&P des réseaux FO
  • Supervision des travaux, Recettes et Contrôle Qualité

Transmission networks

  • Installation et qualification FO
  • Installation et MEP SDH/PDH
  • Installation des radio-link PDH/SDH
  • Alignement radio
  • Mise en service et intégration radio
  • Mesure de la qualité et qualification VSWR Meter/Site Master
Data Center – Hosting

The Get'IT member companies also offer their expertise and availability Data center for the development of Data center for offshore web hosting:

  • Design, supply and integration of data centers and computer rooms (datarooms)
  • DC and DR Upgrading
  • IT Infrastructure Hosting Solutions
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management
  • Big Data engineering, powered by Talend
  • Cloud Engineering (Public / Private / Hybrid)