"Investing together to develop new markets for the benefits of our companies and our countries"

Co-location or co-development can be considered as "a strategic location, within production system logic, valuing the geographical and cultural proximity, managed in a balanced way between North and South" source: IPEMED

With numerous references in the region, Get'IT member companies are opting for new South-South cooperation and North-South models that capitalize on the respective strengths of each partner; The aim is to promote a symmetrical relationship of risk sharing, investment, skills and technologies as well as profits, in a common vision of economic co-development while leveraging common assets.

Tunisia with, its human potential ranked above the average of the region, the ambition of its businesses and the regional hub logic adopted by the country, has the potential to be a springboard to these regions by exploiting the advantage of some bi-cultural skills on one hand, and its previous successful nearshoring model on a second hand, to evolve on a co-development position.

To make this co-development strategy, Get'IT is based on the following methodology:

  • Stop outsourcing and its consequences
  • Establish a co-contracting relationship
  • Capitalize on the strengths of the southern countries
  • Consider the southern countries as investment markets