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Value proposition




Get'IT is an Economic Interest Group (EIG) involving more than a dozen Tunisian companies specialized in the provision of IT and software services.

Driven by the need to join forces to address an international market, demanding in terms of quality of service, competition, skills and size of service providers, the consolidation of these IT companies in a consortium and the creation of Get'IT were achieved in 2005.

1+1 = 3

  • With several years of experience, Get’IT companies member have developed synergies of resources, skills and strategies, to develop their core business and improve their expertise in outsourcing of IT services and business processes
  • The strength of the group focus on:
    • A complete offer for a wide range of expertise 
    • Strong specialization of each company’s member within its area of know-how
    • An involved round table that contribute to the evolution of the consortium


  • Get'IT main offer is based on IT outsourcing. Creative, responsive and flexible, Get'IT company’s members have been able to diversify and modernize their offers to meet the requirements of a constant changing competitive market.
  • The number of export projects’ has been steadily increasing  over the past years, encouraging some companies of the group to set up their own subsidiaries in the following countries: France, Germany, Algeria, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates.
  • The export turnover has evolved accordingly and represents for some members 100% of their income.

Our strength

  • 1st private group in Tunisia, Get'IT and its leaders are influential actors in the ecosystem and the IT decision-making in the country.
  • Some key figures:
    • 17 companies
    • Over 10 years of intensive collaboration between members
    • More than 2,000 employees: broad spectrum of expertise, availability of resources
    • More than 150,000 men-Days products per year

Value proposition

Get'IT is a network of offshore companies working together, whose mission is to organize actions of promotion and visibility as designed by the members and developing common offerings. The ability to stand with an integrated offer will be considered in the medium term.

  • Get'IT aims to promote the services of its member companies, with a diversified offer, and a critical mass able to forge partnerships with global players in the ICT services through a winning combination of expertise, proximity and moderate costs.
  • Get'IT supports its members in their international expansion through strategic position on major European markets and the development of partnerships and research of opportunities for external growth.
  • Following a rigorous process of quality, flexibility and timeliness, Get'IT enables clients to boost their IT projects while optimizing their budget.
  • Thanks to several years of experience in the management of offshore projects, our companies’ member offer a wide range of IT services, a global management of your projects and dedicated center of services operating as a natural extension of your teams, to a better management of your IT projects and the development of your global competiveness.

Both sides

At the crossroads between Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Get'IT supports both its northern and southern partners in their strategy of international expansion.

Offshore specialist

  • With a multi-specialist position, Get'IT meets 100% of IT outsourcing needs.
  • Thanks to the expertise of its members’ companies in development, integration, maintenance and operating, our group offers to its customers a unique combination of proximity, functional skills and quality solutions
  • Pioneer on IT Nearshore projects for Francophone markets, Get'IT serves its customers through a team of over 2000 consultants with diverse professional expertise to meet their Nearshore and Offshore outsourcing needs.
  • Thanks to its perfectly bilingual resources, Get'IT strengthens its position in the German and American markets.

 International cooperation

  • Get'IT stands as a connection point between the southern and northern operators to major international IT projects.
  • Get'IT undertook a proactive approach to development in West Africa and is working with several African companies in projects financed by donors such as the World Bank, EIB, AfDB, AFD ... Our goal : capitalize on shared strengths and contribute to the economic development of the continent
  • With a network of partners in several countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Get'IT member companies’ support their European partners in their efforts to develop the region.


Our consortium of offshore IT companies is located in Tunisia, key location to carry out our missions and support you in outsourcing your IT services

Tunisia is:

  •  11 million people in northern Africa on the southern shore of the Mediterranean
  •  Excellent business climate: TUNISIA ranked second in Africa with the best working environment according to the classification "African Countries of the Future 2013/2014”. The report "Doing Business 2016" ranks Tunisia in the 74th position among 189 countries for "ease of doing business”, on the head of the Maghreb countries.
  • Traditional destination for large German industrial groups (Leoni, Siemens, Continental ...).
  • An easily accessible country: One to 2 hours away from the European capitals (forty flights to Europe per day).
  • First Arab country where it is pleasant to live.


Tunisia ranks 38th out of 189 countries for access to electricity. (Doing Business 2016)

Tunisia is the leader in North Africa and is the most welcoming country for IT and communications. (World Economic Forum, 2015)

Tunisia has one of the most advanced broadband infrastructures in the Mediterranean basin with backhaul and submarine broadband constituting an international gateway to the largest global networks.

  • 2988 fixed subscriptions VoIP
  • 127.7% penetration rate of mobile telephony,
  • 7.8% annual growth in outgoing voice traffic to mobile networks worldwide,
  • 50.7% of Internet penetration,
  • 507,000 subscriptions to ADSL.


Tunisia is ranked second Arab country in terms of renewable energy production. (International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), 2014)


According to the Global Competitiveness Report 2014-2015 (World Economic Forum), Tunisia is ranked in the 32nd position among a total of 144 countries in terms of quality Didactic in math and science: at the head of the Maghreb countries and even ahead of developed countries and some emerging countries.

Main item of expenditure of the state, the education system in Tunisia, is free, accessible to all, and leads to:

  • 99% of enrollment,
  • 6528 educational institutions,
  • 200 universities,
  • 7% of GDP allocated to education,
  • More than 332,000 registrations in universities (2014/2015).

Competent and available resources

Tunisia ahead of several neighbouring countries ranks in 26th position according to the Global Competitiveness Report 2014-2015 (World Economic Forum), in terms of availability of scientists and engineers on the labour market. Indeed this country is a breeding ground of:

  • More than 70 000 new graduates each year, among them 5800 are engineers.
  • 35% of graduates in engineering, computer science, communications and other technical fields.
  • Over 1.000 training centres’ (public and private) providing training for 140,000 students in hundreds of specialties covering all economic sectors

Operations costs

Tunisia offers advantageous labour and production costs compared to Western Europe and North American countries. It is also very competitive compared to several Eastern European countries.
Tunisia is the country with one of the best quality / price ratio in terms of operating costs and human resources.

Legal framework favourable to investment

  • Tunisia has signed 52 double taxation agreements and 54 bilateral ones investment promotion and protection.
  • Tunisia has committed a turning point in its economic development policy by encouraging the participation of foreign partners in its investment efforts. The establishment of an offshore scheme, created in 1972, allowed foreign companies to increase and exceed the 3 200 companies providing more than 340,000 jobs and contributing to the upgrading of Tunisia in global values chains.
  • During 2014, foreign investment (all sectors) reached the amount of 1878 TND (Source: FIPA)


"Investing together to develop new markets for the benefits of our companies and our countries"

Co-location or co-development can be considered as "a strategic location, within production system logic, valuing the geographical and cultural proximity, managed in a balanced way between North and South" source: IPEMED

With numerous references in the region, Get'IT member companies are opting for new South-South cooperation and North-South models that capitalize on the respective strengths of each partner; The aim is to promote a symmetrical relationship of risk sharing, investment, skills and technologies as well as profits, in a common vision of economic co-development while leveraging common assets.

Tunisia with, its human potential ranked above the average of the region, the ambition of its businesses and the regional hub logic adopted by the country, has the potential to be a springboard to these regions by exploiting the advantage of some bi-cultural skills on one hand, and its previous successful nearshoring model on a second hand, to evolve on a co-development position.

To make this co-development strategy, Get'IT is based on the following methodology:

  • Stop outsourcing and its consequences
  • Establish a co-contracting relationship
  • Capitalize on the strengths of the southern countries
  • Consider the southern countries as investment markets