Get'IT is an Economic Interest Group (EIG) involving more than a dozen Tunisian companies specialized in the provision of IT and software services.

Driven by the need to join forces to address an international market, demanding in terms of quality of service, competition, skills and size of service providers, the consolidation of these IT companies in a consortium and the creation of Get'IT were achieved in 2005.

1+1 = 3

  • With several years of experience, Get’IT companies member have developed synergies of resources, skills and strategies, to develop their core business and improve their expertise in outsourcing of IT services and business processes
  • The strength of the group focus on:

    • A complete offer for a wide range of expertise
    • Strong specialization of each company’s member within its area of know-how
    • An involved round table that contribute to the evolution of the consortium


  • Get'IT main offer is based on IT outsourcing. Creative, responsive and flexible, Get'IT company’s members have been able to diversify and modernize their offers to meet the requirements of a constant changing competitive market.
  • The number of export projects’ has been steadily increasing  over the past years, encouraging some companies of the group to set up their own subsidiaries in the following countries: France, Germany, Algeria, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates.
  • The export turnover has evolved accordingly and represents for some members 100% of their income.

Our strength

  • 1st private group in Tunisia, Get'IT and its leaders are influential actors in the ecosystem and the IT decision-making in the country.
  • Some key figures:

    • 17 companies
    • Over 10 years of intensive collaboration between members
    • More than 2,000 employees: broad spectrum of expertise, availability of resources
    • More than 150,000 men-Days products per year